This Education Institution was established with the mission to train clinicians and scientists in the interest of advancing the understanding of human reproduction, infertility and feto maternal medicine. In addition to offering post-doctoral Fellowship degrees in Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Fetal Medicine, IIFRC also has for clinicians and scientists. With a founding motto of “education and research towards better patient care”, we at IFTRI, are in the process of training future Obstetricians, Ultrasonologists, ART clinicians and scientists, while simultaneously reaching out to improve the public’s understanding of leading developments in the field of reproductive medicine.

IFTRI is recognized as one of the few institutes offering the best IVF training in India, aiming to cover the fundamentals of IVF procedure as well as the basics of setting up of an IVF lab. The objective of IVF training courses for clinicians is to impart in-depth elucidation of all aspects of an IVF cycle including pre-treatment evaluation and testing, keeping in mind the ethical and economic implications of the treatment. IFTRI Foffers various ART courses featuring hands-on IVF training as well as fellowship programs in Reproductive Medicine for post graduate doctors.

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Academics & Training Programes

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